Tardiness and no-showing are extremely disrespectful, especially when you are paying someone to show up for a project. When someone agrees to be paid for their time, they are essentially selling their effort, energy, skills, and experience. When this arrangement is broken by either being late or not showing up at all, the person has then lost out on payment and income that was expected upon completion of the job.

Not only is it unprofessional to be late or no show someone that you have hired for a project, but it also can lead to serious financial losses in time and income for the service provider. This affects people’s livelihoods and goes far beyond just an inconvenience or breach of etiquette.

If you cannot make it to an appointment with someone whom you have hired or if something comes up that requires your attention instead of attending the meeting, make sure to communicate this as soon as possible so that the person can go find other work or opportunities that won’t result in a loss of income due to your tardiness or no-show. Respect people’s time and make sure to only agree to projects when you know you will be able and willing to commit 100%.