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Meet Toby Alan Dion: the man who might just make you rethink your life choices and wonder why you’re not currently on an adventure, exploring historical shipwrecks or revolutionizing the dining experience with the latest tech. Toby’s life is like a well-seasoned sitcom, full of escapades that most of us only daydream about during our lunch breaks. Imagine someone who decides that the open road is too tame, so he buys a 2022 Crossroads Zinger 299RE, because why settle for a boring house when you can have a house on wheels with a wine cooler? Toby’s adventures with his Zinger aren’t just about traveling; they’re an epic saga of choosing the perfect mobile abode, complete with knights in shining armor at Camping World and late-night decisions that change the course of his driveway​​. But don’t let the RV tales fool you; Toby’s a Renaissance man for the digital age. When he’s not traversing the country in his Zinger, he dives into the silent world beneath the waves, exploring historical shipwrecks preserved in freshwater. It’s like he’s on a first-name basis with every fish and coral from Thunder Bay to Lake Ontario​​. And as if being an adventurer and underwater explorer wasn’t enough, Toby wades into the digital realm, navigating the transformative world of Artificial Intelligence. He’s not just using AI; he’s living it, from smart homes that probably make his coffee to diving into the oddities of autocorrect—perhaps ensuring his texts are as entertaining as his blog posts​​. In essence, Toby Alan Dion is not just living life; he’s squeezing every bit of adventure out of it. Whether it’s battling the high seas (or lakes, in his case), conquering the digital frontier, or simply ensuring his road trips are as comfortable as they are memorable, Toby’s journey is a masterclass in making the ordinary extraordinary. His life, chronicled with humor and wit on toby.bio and phoenixgeeks.us, serves as a beacon for all us landlubbers and tech enthusiasts, proving that with a little humor and a lot of curiosity, the world is truly our oyster.

Organ Donation

When you no longer need your organs, please consider giving them to another human so you can probably save their life.

Keep in mind that while you are registered, it’s your family that will make the decision, so ensure you let them know your wishes, and let them know often. I post publicly around my birthday in February and then 5 months later around July 4th, plus I ensure those very close know my wishes.

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Cowboy’s New Watch

A cowboy walks into a bar and takes a seat next to a very attractive woman. He gives her a quick glance then casually looks at his watch. The woman notices this and asks, “Is your date running late?” “No”, he replies,”I just got this state-of-the-art watch, and I was

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