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19901215 – My First Internet Post – Cryobiology and Early Internet Adventures: A Nostalgic Dive into Science Research

Dive into the nostalgic journey of exploring Cryobiology in 1990, when magazines were key and the internet was just a bulletin board.
Way back during Dial Up Internet

In the labyrinth of high school memories, few stand out as brightly as my sophomore year adventure into the world of Cryobiology. The year was 1990, and as a student at Colchester High School in Colchester, Vermont, I found myself on the cusp of a scientific inquiry that would not only fulfill a class requirement but also ignite a lifelong curiosity in the realm of science and technology.

The Spark of Curiosity

Our biology class assignment was straightforward yet daunting: select a science topic for an in-depth report. While my peers leaned towards more conventional choices, my appetite for the unusual guided me towards Cryobiology—the study of low temperature’s effects on organisms, with the most tantalizing prospect being the freezing and reanimation of the human body. This field, a blend of science fiction and emerging scientific research, promised a journey into the unknown.

The Quest for Information

In an era where the internet was not yet the omnipresent oracle it is today, the hunt for information was an expedition filled with dead ends and serendipitous discoveries. Libraries and the school’s modest collection of science magazines were my initial hunting grounds. However, it was a magazine found in a dusty corner of the local bookstore that became my treasure map, leading me to a source willing to correspond via mail on this frosty topic.

A Letter into the Unknown

Sending that letter felt like launching a message in a bottle into a vast ocean. Weeks turned into months, and the anticipation grew. Then one day, as if by magic, a reply arrived. It was not just an acknowledgment but a detailed response, providing insights into Cryobiology, current research, and the potential future of human cryopreservation. This letter was not just a source for my report; it was a bridge to a world beyond my small Vermont town.

The Digital Thank You

Gratitude compelled me to post a thank you note on the source’s online bulletin board—a precursor to today’s internet forums and social media platforms. This act of digital appreciation was more than just manners; it was my first step into the vast digital community, a place where curious minds met and shared, regardless of physical distance.

Reflections on Science, Communication, and Community

This journey was more than a school assignment; it was a lesson in curiosity, persistence, and the power of communication. The early days of internet engagement showed me the potential of digital communities to connect and inspire. Meanwhile, Cryobiology opened my eyes to the possibilities that science holds for the future.

Today, as I look back, I marvel at the evolution of both Cryobiology and digital communication. From bulky computers and floppy disks to sleek smartphones and global internet connectivity, the changes have been profound. Yet, the core of my adventure remains timeless: a curiosity about the world and a desire to connect with others who share that curiosity.

This story, a blend of personal narrative and scientific exploration, is a testament to the power of youthful inquiry and the doors it can open, both in the world of science and in the digital realm. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most memorable adventures begin with the simplest of assignments and the courage to explore the unknown.


As we continue to advance in science and technology, the essence of exploration and community that defined my early foray into Cryobiology and the internet remains vital. This journey, from a high school biology assignment to a lifelong appreciation for science and digital connectivity, underscores the endless possibilities that await when we dare to inquire, explore, and connect.

In reflecting on this nostalgic dive, I’m reminded that the true essence of discovery lies not just in the answers we seek but in the journey itself and the connections we make along the way.

Here is a link to my post, https://www.cryonicsarchive.org/docs/cryonics-magazine-1990-12.txt

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