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Embracing the Open Road: My Adventures Begin With My 2022 Crossroads Zinger 299RE

Embark on a journey with me and my new 2022 Crossroads Zinger 299RE. From the dream to the open road, discover the adventures that await.

After countless hours dreaming of exploring the open road, the myriad landscapes that paint the canvas of our vast country, I finally made a decision that would change my life’s trajectory. This week, I pulled the trigger on a 2022 Crossroads Zinger 299RE, a beacon of freedom and adventure.

Why the Crossroads Zinger 299RE?

In a market flooded with options, the Zinger 299RE stood out for its impeccable balance of comfort and functionality. Its spacious living area, complete with modern amenities, promised a home away from home. While I considered several models, and in fact almost bought an East To West, it was the Zinger’s allure, the way the pantry worked in this one, plus the wine cooler making it an obvious choice for my road-tripping aspirations.

The Search Process

The journey to find the perfect RV was not short. In fact, it started around 8 years ago, when I started to travel a lot for my clients. I delved into online forums, attended RV shows, and made numerous dealer visits. The insights from the RV community were invaluable, guiding me through the maze of options eventually to the Zinger 299RE.

Purchasing Experience

Embarking on the rollercoaster of emotion that is RV shopping, I found myself caught between the exhilarating highs of adventure and the nail-biting anticipation of signing off on my new mobile abode. The scene was something straight out of an adventure novel, only with more paperwork and less dragons. My noble steed in this quest? None other than Cody Cool, a knight in shining armor from Camping World, who managed to make the daunting process seem like a walk in the park.

With the clock ticking and my patience for shopping wearing thin, Cody whisked me through the kingdom of RVs. Our quest narrowed down to three worthy chariots. And then, in a plot twist no one saw coming, I retreated to my castle to mull over my options.

But lo! The plot thickened. My late-night scrolls through the Camping World website unveiled the Zinger 299RE – a chariot so fine it made me change course faster than a squirrel at a nut festival. It was love at second sight. With the decisiveness of a knight choosing his favorite lance, I returned, and within the hour, Cody handed over the keys to my future escapades. The walkthrough was less a formal procedure and more a rite of passage into the world of RVing.

Alas, a twist in my tale: a forthcoming quest to lands afar means I must delay my departure aboard my newly acquired vessel. A few loose ends tether me to the dock, but fear not! For I stand but a week away from casting off into the vast unknown, to find out if the RV life chooses me as fervently as I chose it.

First Impressions and Features

Upon entering the Crossroads Zinger 299RE, you’ll immediately notice its inclusive design aimed at providing utmost comfort and convenience to a wide array of travelers. This travel trailer goes beyond the basics with its spacious interior, featuring 7-foot ceilings that contribute to an open, airy feel, making it accessible and comfortable for individuals of all heights​​.

The Zinger 299RE ensures year-round comfort with a heated and enclosed underbelly, safeguarding the trailer’s vital components from the elements and maintaining a comfortable interior temperature, regardless of outside conditions​​​​. The attention to detail extends to its construction, with lumber core cabinets that are screwed and glued, ensuring durability and longevity​​.

For convenience, the Zinger 299RE includes a friction hinge entry door that prevents the door from slamming shut, enhancing safety and ease of use. This feature, along with keyless entry locks and large assist grab handles, underscores the RV’s commitment to accessibility, allowing for easy entry and exit​​.

Inside, the living area is designed to maximize storage and comfort, featuring a large U-shaped dinette and a sleeper sofa, accommodating various family sizes and making it an ideal space for relaxation and dining. The kitchen is well-equipped with modern appliances, including a 10 Cu. Ft. 12-Volt refrigerator and a microwave, alongside a wine cooler in specific models like the 299RE, adding a touch of luxury to your camping experience​​.

The private bedroom offers a cozy retreat with a 60″ x 74″ RV queen bed, ample storage, and preparation for a washer/dryer, ensuring me have all the conveniences of home while on the road​​. The bathroom features a spacious shower/tub with a one-piece surround, a porcelain foot flush toilet, and a mirrored medicine cabinet, combining functionality with style​​.

Overall, the Crossroads Zinger 299RE is designed with an eye towards functionality, ensuring that every traveler can enjoy their journey in comfort and style.

Future Plans and Destinations

In a fortnight, I embark on an odyssey that will see me voyaging to Missouri on behalf of a client, following which I shall proceed to Corpus Christi, Texas, to retrieve the belongings that Danielle has meticulously packed and stored from our mother. Thence, I shall return to my abode in Durham.

This inaugural journey promises to be an epic excursion, spanning nearly 4,000 miles—a veritable grand tour by road.

The second trip will likely be up to Vermont for a couple of weeks in July.

Preparing for the Road

Ah, the delightful conundrum of equipping the Zinger for its impending medium-duty escapades is upon us. The pivotal question dangles in the air: to embrace the sun’s bounty for Boondocking or to shun it? I prognosticate, with a hint of mirth, that the lure of solar will ensnare me before my second voyage commences. After all, the preservation of the noble ice cube is paramount, lest the Bourbon suffer the indignity of warmth. A perpetually powered refrigerator ensures that my spirited companion and I remain in a state of blissful readiness, ice at the ready, for those impromptu celebratory moments.


Embarking on this voyage from the ethereal realms of dreams to the tangible reality of my driveway has proven to be an adventure teeming with exhilaration. I cordially invite you to subscribe to this digital chronicle, where I shall regale you with the myriad lessons garnered, the eclectic array of activities undertaken, and the various unforeseen escapades that unfold as I navigate this wheeled abode across the breadth of this magnificent country. Rest assured, a copious supply of photographs and narratives shall accompany our journey, enriching this odyssey with visual and literary delights.

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