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Diving the BoatHouse – Awesome!

Diving the BoatHouse - Awesome!

I dove the Burlington Boat house today with Gordon.  Awesome time.

For the record, the air temperature was around 32 degrees.  The water temperature was 39 degrees.  The max depth of this dive was 18 feet, and we dove for 37 minutes.

Yup, we did it.  On December 11th, we dove in Lake Champlain. A bit crazy, I suppose, but we did it anyway.

I do have to say, that arriving to a dive site with snow and ice on the ground is a little fun and rewarding.  There is something about doing an activity that no one else would do that is a little gratifying.  I really enjoy coming out of the lake when people look at you like “what the hell are you doing”.  Funny stuff!

Anyone up for a dive this week?

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