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Double Tank Dive – OJ Walker & A.R. Noyes

Double Tank Dive - OJ Walker & A.R. Noyes

I had the great fortune to be one of two people on the charter on Lake Champlain this day to the OJ Walker and the A.R. Noyes coal barge.

I’ve written about the coal barge previously, and about the OJ Walker.

Total dive bottom time between the 2 dives was around 1 hr 13 minutes.  

As a side note, I’ve purchased my own 7mm wetsuit, and have found that I need to dive with way less weight then I was using before.  I’m down to around 12 pounds with an aluminium tank.  

Next dive I’m going to try to dive with 8-10 pounds.  I’m trying to get down to no/almost no weights.

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