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Swimmer’s Ear and Ear Infections – From Diving

Swimmer's Ear and Ear Infections

Well, after diving 5 times in 4 days, I now have another ear infection.

After looking around on the Internet for a solution, I have a recipe for a home remedy that I’m going to start to use.

Equal parts Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol and Apple Cider Vinegar.  I’m not sure why Apple Cider Vinegar, but from what I’ve been reading, that’s the solution.

They say to put it in after diving, leave in for over a minute, then pull your ear lobe down, and turn your head, letting the solution run out of your ear.  

From what I’ve read, the Rubbing Alcohol is supposed to kill the bacteria that grows in one’s ear after too much exposure to water, in my case diving.

I believe that when we are under water for too long, that the skin inside our ears rimple like our hands when they are too wet.  The water gets into the tubes in your ear and brings bacteria with it, if it’s in the water.   The bacteria hangs out, and if there is a tear in the skin, or the protective oils that are naturally inside our ears is gone, the bacteria makes itself at home.

From there, the infection begins.  The rubbing alcohol is supposed to kill the bacteria, and help evaporate and drain the water that is left in one’s ear.  The peroxide is supposed to help with killing the bacteria.  The vinegar is supposed to ease the pain, and change the PH of your ear, aiding in the killing of the bacteria.

In any case, I’ll be bringing an eyedropper of the new super solution with me for each dive from now on, in the attempt to twart the bacteria from an infection in the future.

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