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Give a pint, get a pint.

One of the things that we can do to help our community at all times is to give blood.  It’s free, they feed you, and even give you juices.  So why don’t more people give blood?  
Your one donation keeps several people alive.  Just off from one pint, see below, then follow the link.
I thought it was interesting that the blood donation centers in Washington are offering a “Give a pint, get a pint” promotion.  While promotions are not uncommon to entice blood donors, giving a pint of beer to get a pint of blood seemed to be a little extreme.  Interesting to me, but extreme.
Anyway, in this time, when it’s difficult for them to get donors, go in and give a pint.  If you live in an area where the do the double units, give that, you aren’t required to come back for twice as long.   
I know that every time I give blood, I leave feeling like I did something good, something to help out someone that is in real need, plus if you are in Washington, drinking the pint after giving a pint, is well worth it!!!!
Taken from United Blood Services website:

How is blood used

Blood is Used to Save Lives!

Medical advances and modern surgical techniques, such as cancer treatments, organ transplants, and open heart surgery, have increased the need for blood. Depending on patients’ needs, your blood may be separated into several different components, which may be used to treat a variety of medical conditions or illnesses.

Red Blood Cells: anemia
Platelets: leukemia, cancer 
Plasma: blood clotting disorders 
Cryoprecipitate: hemophilia

Blood is separated into components so that several patients may benefit from one blood donation.

For more information on the patients who use blood, please visit these web sites:

The National Hemophilia Foundation

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

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