20240312 – My First Trip with the Zinger: Largely Successful

Prepared for RV adventure, faced unexpected challenges. Dark nights, rain, and vehicle troubles tested resilience. A stranger's kindness turned tides. An ode to the unpredictability of travel and the importance of community support.

After a week of preparations, including setting up Starlink and stocking up on essentials like towels, blankets, pillows, and cleaning supplies, I was ready for my first outing with the Zinger. I made several trips to Walmart to fill the trailer with food and storage containers, enjoying the convenience of having the trailer with me for easy storage of purchases.

An unexpected client call required my presence about 3.5 hours away, promising a multi-day job.

So, I hitched the Zinger to my Yukon and set off. As night fell, I realized the trailer’s marker lights were out, leaving me to navigate in darkness until I could double back to a truck stop for the night. My first night in the Zinger, parked at a Pilot in Virginia, was quiet, albeit without the use of my generator due to rain, leaving me without TV and struggling to charge my devices with the trailer’s inadequate USB outlets.

The next morning, learning that the client’s crisis was averted, I headed back to Durham. The journey was tense, with the truck showing signs of strain, which I managed by maintaining a moderate speed. However, as I neared home, the Yukon overheated just shy of my destination, but fortune was on my side as I coasted to a nearby Walmart parking lot.

After the truck cooled down, I discovered a disconnected hose due to a disintegrated heater coil connection. My attempts to find immediate mechanical help were futile, leading me to contact AutoZone, where Andrew, an employee and part-time firefighter, offered to assist despite his initial reluctance. His connection to emergency services, similar to my own background, persuaded him to help.

Andrew not only delivered the necessary part but also installed it, ensuring I wouldn’t be stranded again. His help, along with additional antifreeze and parts purchased, got me back on the road.

The Yukon and Zinger, home safe after the maiden voyage.

This adventure underscored the unpredictability of traveling with an RV trailer, reminding me of the importance of preparedness and the unexpected kindness of strangers.

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