20240411 RV Chronicles: Mastering Campsite Selection & Embracing the Digital Nomad Life with Starlink

Dive into the RV Chronicles: Learn the art of campsite selection & marvel at Starlink's unwavering connection in our latest adventure!
Camp is setup.

Welcome back to my RV Chronicles! In today’s episode of “Where Will the Zinger Land Next?” we venture into the heart of North Carolina’s lush state forests. The star of our show, the 2022 Zinger 299RE, was all geared up for another memorable escapade.

The Hunt for the Perfect Campsite:

My adventure began in the digital realm, scouring ReserveAmerica.com from the cozy confines of my Durham residence. After a thrilling click-off, I emerged victorious with spot 107 at the majestic Falls Lake State Recreation Area booked under my name. Little did I know, my choice came with its own set of plot twists.

Lessons Learned the Hard Way:

Ah, the lessons nature teaches us. First off, if you ever find yourself choosing a campsite, remember: crossroads are for crossroads demons and traffic noise, not peaceful slumbers. Secondly, haste makes waste, or in my case, misses out on prime waterfront real estate. Imagine the serene sunsets and the missed opportunity to wave at passing mermaids!

A photo from above.

The Unshakeable Starlink Connection:

Despite the slight miscalculations in campsite selection, Starlink stood by me, unwavering beneath the leafy green canopy. It’s still not permanently mounted, which adds an element of excitement to every gust of wind. Who doesn’t love a good satellite dish chase scene?

Looking Ahead: Upgrades and Dreams:

As the journey with my trusty Zinger 299RE continues, so do the plans for upgrades. A beefier battery array is on the horizon, and with it, the promise of making Starlink a permanent fixture. Because nothing screams “adventure-ready” like a satellite dish proudly mounted on your mobile abode.


Every trip teaches us something new, and this one was no exception. From the importance of campsite selection to the reliability of our tech companions, every experience is a step toward the perfect RV lifestyle. Stay tuned for more tales of the open road, unexpected lessons, and the endless pursuit of the perfect camp.

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