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It’s 2011, do you know where your website is?

It's 2011, do you know where your website is?

I follow a bunch of business blogs, tips and tricks on moving your company forward.  From the social media marketing to brand building and such.  There seems to be a theme among the data stream I’ve been reading of late, update your website.

If you haven’t looked at your website for quite a while, now is the time.  At the vary least, you need to change the copyright date on the bottom of your site (does yours still say 2006?).

While looking at your website, here is some tips and hints about how to make your website a little easier to find, navigate and get information out of.

1) Look at your statistics?  Who comes to your site?  Do you ever look at your web site’s statistics?  What are your trends?  Do you receive more visits on Monday vs. Thursday, from Google vs. direct or those paid ads you are running?  Google has a great free program for doing this, it’s called Analytics.  They give you a snippet of code to embed in your website, and once you do that, you are off and running.  To read more about Google Analytics, visit the FAQ section of my company website, www.PhoenixGeeks.com.

2) Know The Content Of Your Site.  This one is tough for me, but write your own copy for your website.  The theory is that no one knows your products or services better than you, so you should write the copy for your website.  After you have written the copy, you should have those who are less familiar with your products and services give the copy read.  Those extra sets of eyes can catch things that aren’t quite correct.  In addition, others that do not know your 

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