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WhatIsPouring.com – Do you have your account?

Get your what is pouring account.

We just launched our new beer website, www.WhatIsPouring.com.  You should go there, and create your account.  We are starting out in Burlington, Vermont, then will be bringing more cities and locations on board in the coming months.

If you know a bar, restaurant or tavern owner, please have them sign up for their account.  The fun thing about this project, everyone wins by it’s use.

We have had an overwhelming response, thus far.  Several Burlington, VT based bars, restaurants and taverns have signed up to keep their data up to date on our site.

Not only have the bars, taverns and restaurants come on board, but several breweries in Vermont, Portland, Maine, Portsmith, New Hampshire, Chicago and San Diego have come on board.  These breweries have agreed to keep their beers, new and old, up to date in our system.  Most of the breweries we have talked to, are going to use our system to embed into their websites their growler station offerings.

We are humbled by the craftbeer world and their early adoption of our product.  We haven’t made it to version 1.0 yet, we are currently around version 0.4 and work hard every day to bring the additional features to the site.  When we are done, this site will have all of the features a craft beer drink would like to see in a site.

Watch for the app version of the site sometime this summer.  Keep an eye on the company’s blog site to keep up to date with the product @ blog.whatispouring.com.

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