20160625 Whole30 Day 13

Day 13 and here I am. Pants fit great, down inches on my body and the scale even says I’ve lost weight. And the food I’ve been eating tastes excellent! Amazing, that healthy food can taste this fantastic!

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20160620 – Whole 30 Day 8

#Whole30 Day 8, you are mine. Traveling back to Arizona and feeling great. #BTV, you are my home and I will always love you, but it’s time we separate for a bit. Until next time. http://ift.tt/28Ik2Zr

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Whole 30 Day5

#Whole30 day5, even though I’m not at home, I’ve got this. Ready for a day of family and diving, and stocked up with many protein bars and veggies, and butters for the day. No part of this is difficult, start your transformation today. I feel great! And chapter 5 of

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20200613 – Challenge Accepted

Time to start the Whole30, a lifestyle change. No sugar, alcohol, grains, etc for 30 days. I’ve got this. #NewMe #DoingThisForMe #GetReadyForAnnoyingFoodPics http://ift.tt/1sBSpuc

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