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Holy Cow The Social Security Administration Is Messed Up

WOW, now wonder why the SSA is failing. In order to get a replacement copy of your card, you have to MAIL in your LICENSE, not a copy, but the actual license. Then you wait a week for it to arrive there, plus an additional 10-14 days for them to send you a copy (and hopefully return your Driver’s License).

They are closed to the public because they “serve the vulnerable population”. Instead of shutting down all services for everyone, why not enable them to call you and do things the difficult way, while letting us non vulnerable do our thing?

I wear a mask, I get tested, retail and many other options have figured out how to work with the public During the pandemic, maybe pull your heads out of your seat, and don’t require me to mail my ACTUAL driver’s license to you.

#JustSayin This process is ripe with possible fraud and issues.

Here is a snip of the recorded conversation with these rocket scientists.

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