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Attempted dive at Thompson’s Point – Pebble Beach

Attempted dive at Thompson's Point - Pebble Beach

Well, for those who didn’t think I do it, I abandoned a dive.

We got to Pebble beach, and the waves were huge, with a 20mpg southerly wind.  We all got suited up, and made entry.

After swimming out a bit, then doing the OK down sign, we all went down.  It worked out that the visibility was so poor, that I couldn’t see my own fins on my feet.  I looked around for the other 2 divers for a bit, then surfaced, to wait on them.

They popped up, and I swam over to them.  It was then that Rob took the dive flag, and planted it on the bottom of the lake.  We went down the flag rope, to the bottom, and met down there.  Still unable to see more than 1-3 feet, and struggling to stay down in only 6 feet of water, I hand singled to Rob that I was going up, he should stay down with the other diver.

I had let go of the rock I was holding onto in order to stay down, and ended up floating to the surface.  Rob came up to check on me, and I told him I was waving off the dive for myself, but they should go if they wanted.

They did the dive, saying that at 55 feet, the visibility was around 8ish feet.  They ended up with a twig, swimming along, both holding onto the twig, so they knew where the other one was.  I thought that to be a great idea.

Well, I didn’t think I’d do it, but I abandoned a diving opportunity.  Better to not start a bad dive, then to do it and get injured.

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