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Diving the Coal Barge

Scuba Diving the coal barge in Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont
AR Noyes Coal Barge

I had the opportunity to dive the A.R. Noye’s coal barge today.

The AR Noyes is believed to have sunk on October 17, 1884 when a bunch of boats broke loose from the steam tug Tinsdale which was towing them on their way to Burlington.  The A.R. Noyes was the only ship reported lost, and as such, this wreck is believed to be the A.R. Noyes.  

This ship wreck lays in 60-80 feet of water near Proctor Shoal.  

The dive lasted around 33 minutes of bottom time.  I didn’t do a great job with documentation on this dive.  A sonar picture of the wreck can be found at: The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum Website.

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