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20110115 – Diving In Vermont, Kind Of

January 15th 2011 - Diving In Vermont, Kind Of

I met up with Matt & Dave to go diving today.  We met at the shop around 945, and everyone got suited up.  The two of them in their dry suits (wimps) and my in my 7mm wet suit, with the new rockin’ boots and gloves I bought last week.

After we were suited up, and Larry J gave me a couple of funny looks, we drove our vehicles over to Perkin’s Pier to make our entry.  When we arrived, we looked around for a way to get into the lake.  The normal way, kind of a gentle, soft entry, was covered in ice that formed when the waves sprayed up, plus there was a thin layer of slush on the water in front of that area.

We went down the side of a concrete ramp, and into the water.  I like the new boots, it takes a while for the water to penetrate, and my body seems to warm the water up rapidly, my feet never were cold during the dive.  We got in, and I looked at my dive computer, water temperature of 34 degrees.  That coupled with the air temperature of between 8 and 12 degrees F, I knew it would be a short dive.

We were about 80-90 feet off the shore when Matt’s octo started to free flow.  Not a good thing.  We surfaced, and made the decision to scrub the dive, so we turned around.

Total dive time: 6 minutes.  Started in my orange LP steel 72 tank with 2250PSi and came out with around 2050PSI or so.  I dove with somewhere near 7 pounds of lead, and was perfectly buoyant.  The visibility was around 10-14 feet.  The surface had some waves, but it wasn’t that bad.

The diving season has got to be coming to and end, especially now that equipment is beginning to fail.  Time to start traveling!  Anyone for Florida?

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