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Email list, crm

Busy week for the website.  Sales are in full swing, starting to make the phones ring. 

After basically taking the summer off to refocus my head, I’ve been neck deep in the project since November.  We are finally at a point that sales are beginning.  To that end:

The CRM has been populated with the 400plus bars that we have in the system.  We have built out a few awesome ways to automate the business. I’m happy to show you how to use these for your business, email me and ask. They all offer a substantial time savings, and reduce the need to enter data more than once to several systems.

In addition to that, the welcome emails, sales emails, and weekly newsletter template have all been created. Now we look like we are a polished “big company” with automation doing any function that is not public facing.  This is key.  Any part of the company that is public facing, needs to be thought out, before deciding on any automation, or the results could be disastrous.

More thoughts next week.

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