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20071228 – I Believe – Ron White

Ron’s blog entry: Go Here. I believe that we drunks should have our OWN road system upon which we could drive with impunity.  After all, WE pay taxes too!!!  They wouldn’t have to paint a center line on them either, because we wouldn’t follow it anyway. I just read this,

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9th Circuit allows ‘Joe Arizona’ to challenge arrest

Sheriff Joe’s office, screws up again.  Joe, do you think your office would have budget problems, if you guys weren’t constantly screwing up, getting sued for doing stupid stuff, and then paying settlements and judgements? Maybe if your ‘thugs’ didn’t go out of their way to arrest this guy who

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Turkey Day, Thanksgiving

Today is a day when we are supposed to be thankful for what we have.  I usually spend part of the day reflecting on the last year, and what it’s brought me. This year has been interesting.  Between the break up with the girl I dated for 7 years, and

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20000731 – Tom Snyder Died

Kind of like when Andy Kaufman died, no one understood Tom Snyder.  He died, a comic genius.   He didn’t comb his eye brows, nor trim them, but he was funny, even to a guy born in 1975. He died on Sunday, so we should all raise a shot to his honor. Enjoy, and

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20070714 – Reno 911

Have you seen Reno 911?  I think it’s one of the funniest shows on TV.    It’s about the Reno Police Department.  I think they got some of the story ideas for this show by visiting the town I grew up in, and watching that PD.

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20070705 – A Little Damage To The Scion

What an interesting day I had 2 days ago.  It started with me moving, during one of the hottest times of the year, during an unusually hot spell in Phoenix.  While Las Vegas is reaching 120 degrees, we are in the 115ish range, and I’m moving.  I finally corral my friend

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