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December 2009

20091215 – Man In The Moon

I just caught some of Man In The Moon with Jim Carey, a movie about Andy Kaufman.  What a comic genious. A quick google on Andy’s name brought this clip up. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

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Winter In Vermont

Here I sit, in the basement.  I haven’t sat in a basement since I was growing up on Robin Road.  After my parents sold that house, we all moved, my sister and I got an apartment in Essex, then I moved to Phoenix. Out in Phoenix, they don’t make basements.

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20091203 – Jack Died Of Cancer, Runner

I was just cleaning up my hard drive, moving some files back and forth, and found this story that I typed up. I believe it was something I heard on the radio, probably Garrison Keillor. This weekend, in the central Ohio town where I grew up, there will be a

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