Winter In Vermont

Here I sit, in the basement.  I haven’t sat in a basement since I was growing up on Robin Road.  After my parents sold that house, we all moved, my sister and I got an apartment in Essex, then I moved to Phoenix.

Out in Phoenix, they don’t make basements.  They make sprawling houses.  They have plenty of land out there, so instead of going underground, or high with their buildings, they sprawl, so no basements in Phoenix for me.

So here I sit, in my parent’s basement, working on this and that on the Internet.  I’m working on a couple of somewhat big projects, that once they are ready for release, I’ll post here first, so you can read about them, and maybe even surf around them.

One of them involves a new sort of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites.  SEO is the art of crafting the message in one’s website to be friendly with the search engines, so the website can rise to the top. I find that being number 1 isn’t favorable, so I like to be ranked number 2-6.  I am also doing some things with Google’s PageRank, trying to get some of my websites to increase from where they are (if they even have a score) to move on up the ladder.  We’ll see.

More on that later.

For now, have you been to my Geek website recently?  My site is located at www.PhoenixGeeks.us, and there I’m posting tips and tricks, and other great stuff.

Until next time, have a great night, and avoid being frozen.  Did I mention that the temperature outside is something like 15 degrees?

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