January 15th 2011 – Diving In Vermont, Kind Of

I met up with Matt & Dave to go diving today.  We met at the shop around 945, and everyone got suited up.  The two of them in their dry suits (wimps) and my in my 7mm wet suit, with the new rockin’ boots and gloves I bought last week. After we were suited up, […]

Diving in January in Vermont.

Matt asked me if I would like to dive today, and I of course said yes. We planned on meeting up at the dive shop at 11, then plan from there.  I was a little early, so I purchased some new gear.  I finally bought new gloves with thermal protection, and they seem to rock. […]

Diving the BoatHouse – Awesome!

I dove the Burlington Boat house today with Gordon.  Awesome time. For the record, the air temperature was around 32 degrees.  The water temperature was 39 degrees.  The max depth of this dive was 18 feet, and we dove for 37 minutes. Yup, we did it.  On December 11th, we dove in Lake Champlain. A […]

Went diving today with the VTC class

VTC has a dive club.  Part of the club appears to be getting new members certified to dive.  Today, I was lucky enough to help in the final check out dives of the new students. We met at the dive shop, did the briefing, then went to the wastewater treatment plant.  From there, we entered […]

Excellent Diving – If You Can Stand 46 Degree Water

Early in the season, I had been told that the best diving in Lake Champlain occurred after October.  I am inclined to agree with that assessment. I believe that the cold water begins to kill off the layer of algae that grows down to around 20 feet deep below the surface.  Once that algae layer […]

6 Scuba Dives, Cape Ann, Rockport & Gloucester, Mass

Gordon had asked if I was interested in going down to Cape Ann to do some diving.  He had heard that the dive sites down there were awesome, so we decided that we’d go down. After a three and a half hour drive, we checked in at the dive shop, Cape Ann Divers.  They gave […]

Attempted dive at Thompson’s Point – Pebble Beach

Well, for those who didn’t think I do it, I abandoned a dive. We got to Pebble beach, and the waves were huge, with a 20mpg southerly wind.  We all got suited up, and made entry.   After swimming out a bit, then doing the OK down sign, we all went down.  It worked out […]

Diving Willoughby Lake at the Boulders – The Shotgun

Today I was supposed to get a double dive up in Willoughby Lake with Matt and Steve. I was about an hour late getting to Steve’s house, because I hadn’t realized that the dive shop opens at 9 now, instead of 8, and I had to pick up our tanks.  DOH! I got to Steve’s […]